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Product Selection

You want to ensure that the systems you recommend guarantee uniform service quality throughout your entire organization. And at the same time you want to reduce the organizational efforts and financial outlay for data provision and for integrating parts catalogs, information systems and other add-ons.

We will support you in all the phases of selecting a system, from the market and gap analysis through to testing the envisaged systems. We will examine communications between you and your dealers with regard to efficiency and standardized reporting. We will assess the depth of integration of the customer loyalty systems in your supply chain.

Only by providing efficient systems and through intensive controlling can you ensure the required sales figures and the profitability of your affiliated dealers.

Details of our services (support or all-in-one service):

1. Market analyses

2. Analyses of the competition

3. Gap analyses: Identifying gaps (missing functions) between
existing and new software

4. Product and function tests

5. Product assessments and product analyses

6. Definition of the value propositions