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Product Maintenance

After you have selected and implemented a system, it needs to be constantly maintained, extended and adapted to new developments on the market and in hardware, databases and operating systems. The rapid development of hardware and software means that individual product lifecycles have become rather short. If existing systems can no longer be maintained or their maintenance has become uneconomical in relation to buying a new system, we will support you in selecting new software and will analyze and test the envisaged products thoroughly with regard to compatibility, efficiency and scalability.

Benefit from our expertise and many years of experience to ensure the quality of your software and for conflict-free piloting and implementation.

Details of our services (support or all-in-one service):

1. Product requirements workshops

2. Collecting and managing product requirements

3. Support of the software release planning process and assistance in
developing product roadmaps and product strategies

4. Drawing up descriptions of product requirements

5. Developing investment proposals

6. Product introduction and installation

7. Product piloting

8. Data transfer from legacy systems

9. Customer satisfaction analyses